Tossing and Turning

Failure in Having a Good Night of Restorative Sleep

Insomnia is described as difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up too early. Getting a good night sleep can be very simple in theory but thousands of teenagers, young and old adults suffer from insomnia and sleeping thorough the night can be an elusive goal.

A good natural (not medication induced) night sleep is essential as it restores energy, drive and better able to concentrate at work and school and improves overall efficiency. Stress, anxiety, depression, medications, pain, headaches, technology, social media, chronic pain, headaches and inconsistent routines can get in the way of having a good night of restful sleep.

According to experts in the field disturbed sleep can cause the following challenges during waking hours: reduced efficiency, slower processing of information, slower response time, poor comprehension, poor cognitive functioning, poor problem solving skills, poor socializing and a remarkable reduction in immune functioning.

Chronic sleep deprivation can influence the way an individual looks, feels, eats, studies, attitude at work, and overall quality of life. Disrupted sleep can cause feelings of grogginess, lethargy, chronic pain which is turn can lead to making poor healthy choices resulting in weight gain. 

How NITI can help you

At NITI we offer and medication free option to tackle your sleep problems by identifying and addressing the underlying primary problems. Our experienced clinician will sit down with you and take a detailed history followed by a QEEG assessment.

This will give a better understanding on the underlying primary issues causing insomnia and in developing an individualized treatment plan.

Our integrated approach includes: counseling, biofeedback, neurofeedback, mindfulness trainings and physical therapy as needed.

Please schedule a free initial consultation so that we can describe in more details the integrated treatment approach.

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