QEEG Analysis / Brain Mapping

Brain mapping helps us to recognize the primary behavioral issues and symptomatology that can be correlated to the individual’s clinical history. It is then used to generate effective and individualized treatment protocols for neurofeedback trainings. QEEG (Quantitative Electro- encephalogram) or Brain Mapping is an essential procedure for developing non-medication treatment protocols for ADD / ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Migraine, Headaches, Learning Disorders, Substance Abuse, Depression and OCD, Fibromyalgia, and CFS.

Quantitative EEG (qEEG) analysis or Brain Mapping is a mathematical process of analyzing the electrical activity of the brain to derive quantitative patterns that may correspond to diagnostic information and/or cognitive deficits. Artifact free EEG data is evaluated relative to normative database in generating brain maps. Abnormal EEG patterns are found in many psychological conditions and are utilized to develop neurofeedback training protocols.

QEEG assessment is one of the least invasive procedure in understanding, identifying and in developing effective treatment protocols. AT NITI EEG recording and QEEG analysis is done by a Board Certified Neurofeedback (BCN) Therapist. Recording is done in eyes closed and eyes open state.

There are many types of abnormal / dysregulated brain wave patterns that are associated with specific clinical conditions. Understanding the QEEG findings gives an opportunity for the individual and their loved ones to objectify their symptoms. QEEG is not a diagnostic tool and the goal is not to diagnose any conditions but to better understand the underlying issues to their behaviors or struggles. Understanding the QEEG followed by discussion of treatment options improves the individual’s willingness to come for treatments.

EEG recording

It is an office based procedure and requires some prior preparation. It takes about 60 – 75 minutes for the whole process. It is a simple procedure of connecting a cap to the

computer and involves inserting gel at 19 sites. Recording is done with roughly 10 mins in eyes closed condition and roughly 10 mins in eyes open condition. We work with children age four and up with many neurodevelopment conditions. Our trained staff are able to prepare the children and assist in collecting EEG data.

Analysis: It takes about a day or two for our clinician to artifact the data and generate a 60 page report that is discussed in greater details and is used to generate an individualized treatment protocol.


– Changing specific EEG patterns in localized cortical areas

– Changing global EEG patterns in general cortical areas

– Changing interactive communication (Coherence) processes in cortical-cortical & subcortical-cortical networks.


NITI Treatments

Here are some examples of OUR TREATMENT EFFICACY. Pre-treatment, Post treatment and some case maintenance

QEEG findings.

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